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What Makes Us Different?

Your pets see you as their HERO … we help you become one!
Our incredibly talented team use their superpowers for good, providing incredibly caring and compassionate service. We empower you to help your pet by learning to understand and support their health needs.

Pawsitive Reviews

“I have been so impressed with how the owner and staff treat my 11 year old as the owner of Nala. She wants to be a veterinarian and it’s amazing to me how she knows that and explains so much to my daughter. She’s also just perfect and takes her time with our fur baby. I have been so impressed with the care for my baby” Nala.

Tiffany W.

“Dr. Ashby runs a fearfree clinic and offers transparent, clear advice for pet owners. I trust her to tell me as it is, not downplay or dismiss my and my dog’s concerns, and to be conscientious about the costs of my dog’s care. My dog is reactive and has stranger anxiety, and she and her team guided me through Cooperative Care training, which proved essential after Marty developed pancreatitis. She and her team has devoted an enormous amount of time, energy and patience with me and my dog, and now Marty trusts and feels comfortable going to the vet. Her team (shoutout to Lori) is also so friendly and fantastic. I’m so incredibly grateful to have found this clinic!”

Janet T.

“Fantastic doctors and staff. We have a dog so can only speak for my experience with a large dog at this place.
They love your pets just like they would, for their own. A tremendous amount of care and personal attention to you and your pet. I highly recommend their services to any dog owner.”

Stanley D.