Exciting news for cats and dogs with arthritis

Since I graduated in 2006, there have been incredible advancements in veterinary medicine.  Many of these have changed how veterinarians in Canada care for animals.  We’ve seen medications that stop vomiting, vaccines without certain additives for cats, and more effective tick prevention.  And now, we have two amazing new treatments called Librela and Solensia.  These medications help dogs and cats with arthritis pain, making their lives much better.  Let’s find out how they work and why they’re so special.

Two out of every five cats and dogs suffer from arthritis.  Dogs and cats with arthritis pain may show reluctance in going up or down stairs, hesitate to jump up or down, limp after exercise, appear stiff when getting up from lying down, and nap or rest more frequently than usual.  With the introduction of Librela and Solensia, I am excited to have new options for managing arthritis pain. With less pain, my patients are able to enjoy their daily activities.

How they work

Librela is for dogs, and Solensia is for cats.  Both of these medications use an antibody that attaches to a messenger called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).  NGF is responsible for causing pain and inflammation in the body. Think of the antibody as a key that locks onto NGF and stops it from causing trouble.  This way, Librela and Solensia both help control both the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. They are given by our hospital as regular monthly injections.  This means there is no need to worry about forgetting or having difficulty giving pills.

The reason we need separate products for dogs and cats is that dogs and cats have slight variations in their NGF, so the key (the antibody) needs to be a perfect fit for their specific NGF lock.  That’s why we have Librela for dogs and Solensia for cats. Since both products only ‘lock’ NGF, they are very safe and very effective, providing targeted pain relief and reducing inflammation.  I am excited to have more options for my patients with arthritis pain, and glad I do not have to worry about monitoring blood work or dealing with stomach upset from this treatment.

Right for your pet?

If you follow these links you may complete a quiz for your cat or your dog to learn more about signs of arthritis.  Then contact us to discuss how Librela or Solensia could be the solution to help them live a more comfortable and active life.  Solensia and Librela are for adult pets only, not pregnant or growing animals.  These medications must be given under the supervision of a veterinarian.  Widely available human medications can be toxic for cats and dogs.  Please talk to a veterinarian before giving medication to your pet.