Care Plans for Cats

For every age.

  • Age 2-6 months
  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing, parasite prevention(4), FeLk/FIV retroviral testing, pre-anesthetic blood testing, spay or neuter with iv fluids.
  • Male: $1172.64/year + HST, Female: $1299.64/year + HST

Predictable payments(3):

  • Male: $107.49/month + HST
  • Female: $119.13/month + HST

  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing, parasite prevention(4), FeLk/FIV retroviral testing
  • $515.80 + HST
  • Predictable payments(3) $47.28/month + HST

  • Age 1-6 years
  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing
  • $204.98/year + HST
  • Predictable payments(3) $18.79/month + HST

  • Age over 7 years
  • Exams, vaccines(2), parasite testing, senior comprehensive blood testing, complete urine testing
  • $446.12/year + HST
  • Predictable payments(3) $40.89/month + HST

Additional Services Available For Your Pet

Professional dental cleaning and exam
Scaling and polishing of the teeth, full mouth examination and radiographs performed by a trained veterinary health care provider under general anesthesia
$582.20 + HST
MiniChip Microchip implant
The innovative ISO-standard MiniChip is shorter and slimmer than the standard microchip and uses a smaller 15-gauge needle. Ideal for animals of all sizes.
$93.60+ HST
Blood Pressure testing
Measurements to screen for high blood pressure. Problems from high blood pressure arise when high-pressure flow damages small blood vessels.
$67.20 + HST
The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a recording of the heart’s electrical activity from the surface of the body. It is used primarily to identify abnormal heart rhythms and to help identify heart enlargement.
$84.00 + HST
Feline Leukemia/FIV ELISA Test
Feline leukemia virus is the cause of more cat deaths, directly or indirectly, than any other organism.FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus and is closely related to HIV in humans.
$72.95 + HST
Ear Cytology
Determines the organisms causing infection.
$62.21+ HST
Radiographs of Chest, Abdomen or Hips
Digital diagnostic radiographs reviewed by a certified radiologist.
$557.25 + HST
Urinalysis, complete
Microscopic exam, chemical analysis, specific gravity.
$91.70 + HST
Protein: Creatinine ratio
Diagnose protein losing kidney disease.
$74.78 + HST
Urine Culture
Screening for bladder infection.
$114.16 + HST
An injection to relax and restrain your pet.
$92.80 + HST
Obedience Training Starter Package
A set of three private reward-based lessons with certified trainer for dogs of all ages
$150.00 + HST
Behaviour Modification
A set of five private problem specific solutions using safe, humane, and effective techniques.
$300.00 + HST

All plans include twelve months of unlimited complimentary veterinary exams, food and toy gifts, and nutrition and nail trim appointments.

  1. Plans do not include treatment for accidents and illnesses. See your Care Plan Enrollment Form for terms and conditions. Pet health insurance is an excellent resource for unplanned veterinary expenses.
  2. Does not include booster vaccines.
  3. Financing includes 10% convenience fee. A deposit, email address and credit card required.
  4. First two doses only, additional parasite prevention not included, may be prescribed on monthly basis at