If Fido and Fluffy are stressed by visits to the veterinary hospital, is it not kinder to leave them at home when they do not seem sick?

At Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to keeping pets happy as well as healthy. By discussing your petemotional needs in advance and using Fear Free techniques throughout their visit we can help them have a low-stress experience.  

In the video you will see an example of a Fear Free exam on my dog Bruiser. Usually our exams are longer and more detailed, but this still shows some of the tools that we use to help keep Bruiser free of fear, anxiety and stress during his visit. 

  • We have an Adaptil pheromone diffuser in the room, filling his nose with happy dog smells to help keep him relaxed and comfortable
  • Feeding continuously helps us gauge the stress level of our furry patients, and using his regular diet from home means less chance of tummy upset
  • We are using a yoga mat for added comfort and stability; larger dogs and those with arthritis often have difficulty on tile floors
  • We know Bruiser is sensitive about having his back legs handled, so we focus on examining the areas that he is more comfortable with first
 We are fortunate that most of our patients are eager to see us, pulling their families in the door and asking our staff for treats. Our Fear Free approach means we work hard to offer more treats than needles and avoid rough handling that can traumatize pets. One of the advantages of being Fear Free is that our approach makes it less stressful to get Fluffy and Fido into an exam room and under our stethoscope.