Happy Holidays!

Is this holiday going to be different for your family and pets?

Wishing you and your furry family a safe and happy break

Hello to our wonderful clients and their pets!
Do you feel like this holiday is going to be different than the last couple? Perhaps you are travelling or hosting family again for the first time. For us at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, this holiday means we decorated our waiting room and have clients inside so we can show it if off for the first time in almost two years.

What do tinsel, Toblerone, and turkey have in common?
These are all common holiday pet hazards.
Some cats will eat tinsel and create blockages in their intestines requiring surgery.
Dogs love to unwrap a Christmas chocolate bar and can become very sick if vomiting is not induced right away.
Turkey can be a part of a complete and balanced diet for dogs but the trimmings we throw away are a notorious cause of pancreatitis, a painful stomach disorder requiring hospitalization.
Other health hazards include chewing on electric lights, drinking the preservatives in Christmas tree water, escaping outside when guests arrive, and injuring their paws on broken ornaments.
Do not forget your pet’s emotional health this holiday. Give them somewhere quiet to retreat during noisy holiday parties, keep visiting pets separated when unsupervised, avoid dressing them up and supervise children around them.

To give our wonderful team a chance to rest, we are closed from:

Friday Dec. 23rd at 6:00PM to

Wednesday Dec. 28th at 8:00AM and
Friday, December 30th at 6pm to

Tuesday, January 3rd at 8am

Choose plastic rather than glass ornaments and keep the tree water covered. You can tie your tree to a hook in the ceiling if your cat likes to climb it.