Only humans are silly enough to look directly at the sun, our pets do not look at the sun and will not normally during an eclipse. Unfortunately, we may also be silly enough to carry them outside and point them at the eclipse on April 8th. We associate outdoor events with our pets and leaving them at home may feel unimaginable, but the chaos around the eclipse can be a serious risk.

Here are some essential eclipse tips from Dr Ashby:

Keep Pets Indoors: The sudden change in lighting during an eclipse can be disorienting for animals, leading to increased anxiety. Keep pets indoors in a comfortable, familiar environment away from windows to minimize stress.

Provide Comforting Distractions: Offer toys, treats, or puzzles to keep pets occupied and provide a source of comfort during the eclipse. Engaging activities can help redirect their focus and alleviate anxiety. Exercise that morning will help them relax home alone in the afternoon.

Ensure Identification: Fear or stress during the eclipse may cause pets to become more likely to escape. Ensure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date, and they wear a collar with visible ID tags to increase the chances of a safe return if they do become lost.

Maintain Routine: Pets thrive on routine, and disruptions can amplify feelings of fear and uncertainty. Try to stick to your pet’s regular schedule for feeding, exercise, and playtime to provide a sense of security during the eclipse. If you are planning travel or company for the eclipse that may upset your pet, we can help with supportive strategies including supplements and medications.

Protect Their Eyes: Keep curtains or blinds closed to prevent pets from looking directly at the sun, although it is unlikely pets will do so. Products like Doggles will not protect your pet’s eyes (just like sunglasses will not protect people) and your eclipse glasses will not fit their face.

Be Prepared: Traffic jams and crowds are expected to be very severe on the day of the eclipse. Keep an emergency kit stocked with essential supplies such as food, water, medications, and first aid supplies to ensure you’re equipped to care for your pets during any unforeseen circumstances.

At Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of recognizing and addressing fear, anxiety, and stress in our furry companions. By following these tips, you can help ensure your pets remain calm and safe during the eclipse. If you have any concerns about your pet’s emotional well-being, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support. Together, we’ll navigate the eclipse with care and compassion for our beloved animals.