Pet Obesity Prevention Day: Celebrating Winnie’s Win

We are celebrating Pet Obesity Prevention Day, October 11th, by sharing our patient Winnie’s journey from an obese to a healthy body condition.

Her journey began when she was adopted in March of 2020. She had an a weight of 20.13lbs. We estimated her  body fat at 50%, her body condition as 8/9, and her healthy weight as about 11lbs.

Pet Obesity

Veterinarians use body condition the way physicians use Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine the healthy weight range for pets of all sizes. An increased body condition means pets are carrying excess body fat and at risk for reduced life expectancy, diabetes, reduced mobility, arthritis, increased risk of injury, respiratory disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer and bladder stones. You can celebrate Pet Obesity Prevention with your own pet by assessing their shape here.

Nutrition Rechecks

Despite the pandemic, Dr Ashby and her team checked Winnie regularly to ensure she did not lose weight too quickly or slowly. At each recheck, her body condition, weight and feeding amounts were recorded and small changes were made to help her lose about one tenth of a pound each week. Her family fed her a very yummy weight loss food low in calories and high in nutrients including satisfying fiber. The blue line in the graph below is her weight and the straight line is her goal of about 11 lbs.

Healthy Again

Today Winnie has a wonderfully healthy body condition of 5/9 with a weight of 10.88lbs! She does not understand why it is easier to move around now, but she knows it is easier to play and we know she is a happier, healthier cat.