Telemedicine Appointments With Your Local Vet

Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital is now offering telemedicine appoints for your safety and convenience. The appointment will consist of a video chat between you, your pet and the doctor. The doctor will complete a virtual assessment of the pet, determine if the pet potentially needs further evaluation at an animal clinic and give recommendations for the pets overall health. We are currently offering curbside drop off of pets, pet supplies and medicine for your pets. Call us today and learn more or request a telemedicine appointment below.

So many dogs and cats fear going to the veterinarian. Not here. We are one of the original torch carriers of the Fear FreeTM movement. This movement is quickly changing the way our field thinks about the patient experience. With Fear FreeTM, we prioritize the emotional experience of a dog or cat, and design interactions around that. This significantly improves patient care, because when pets exhibit stress responses, hormones alter their body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Diagnostics becomes guesswork instead of science, and futures are jeopardized. We have a Fear FreeTM certified veterinarian because we know what your pet means to you. And we know that nothing less than the best will do.

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